Yoga as Therapy

Yoga as Therapy brings together the different facets of Yoga: asana, pranayama, mudra, mantra, visualization and meditation and combines it with the healing science of Ayurveda into a complete package where they can be integrated and utilized for therapeutic purposes directed toward specific health related goals. 

The Healing journey is unique to each individual.  During a private yoga class the yoga practice can be adapted and modified for each individual to facilitate optimal health and healing of the body/mind.

The Yoga as Therapy process begins with assessing the individual's present condition. It takes into consideration the client's Ayurvedic constitution, the balance of their prana vayus, specific areas of physical and psychological strength and weakness, and the role of stress in the life of the individual. It then looks at which facets of yoga would facilitate optimal wellness and finally designs a program of yoga, diet and lifestyle practices to meet the needs and goals of the individual.

What a typical session looks like:

The first session includes a consultation and a short yoga class. The consultation is to determine what your goals are, your physical constitution and than the root cause of any imbalances. During follow up sessions we will practice your customized yoga sequence and go over diet and lifestyle recommendations. 

Prices: First session with consultation $100. Follow up classes $80.  



Thai Massage

Thai Massage blends gentle yoga movements with massage into a profound healing system. During a session the therapist will move the client into a series of yoga like stretches. Muscle compression, joint mobilization and acupressure are all used during the treatment with a resulting suppling and structural aligning of the body. This blend of massage and stretching is especially beneficial for those who find themselves stiff, sore and tired from over exertion in work, sports or from disorders affecting mobility.

Thai Massage is done on a comfortable mat on the floor as opposed to a table. Every treatment is customized to the individual needs of the client. During the massage no oil is used and the recipient remains fully clothed. Please bring comfortable, loose-fitting clothing (elastic waistbands, etc). 

Prices:  75 min $85   90 min $95